OUR STORY! (About Us)

The Bold Bee, LLC is an e-commerce store currently specializing in home & kitchen goods, founded in January 2017, and is dedicated to utilizing green energy manufacturing methods and materials to provide the most popular designs of today's products at the absolute best quality and price possible. 

The billions of bees that have died in the last decade alone has been catastrophic. A large part of our business is about bringing awareness to all of our little life-bringers and propagators who toil away selflessly and endlessly to help this planet thrive, only to be killed off by changes in climate, parasites, and over a dozen different synthetic pesticides that have permeated their environments.

We will be donating a percentage of all profits to bee charities across North America, the primary goal being to study Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) on a macro level, in better efforts to understand and combat it. To learn more about CCD, please click here. We hope to partner with many bee charity organizations, and, if successful, this hope will be expanded internationally and exponentially to a global dream team of donating to many different charities around the world! 

We are donating a percentage of our profits to Bee Informed Partnership every year!

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